Top 11 Bollywood new hairstyle for boys

Top 11 Bollywood new hairstyle for boys

Bollywood celebrities hairstyles follow everyone. so today we have brought you Bollywood celebrities Top 11 bollywood new hairstyle for boys. You can also create hair styles like these by looking at these Bollywood hairstyles.

Let’s talk about 11 celebrity hairstyles.

1. Arjun Kapoor hairstyle-

Arjun Kapoor has a hairstyle from Namaste Canada.

2. Shahid Kapoor Hairstyle –

In this hairdressing, Shahid Kapoor has short hair shades with hair style in which he looks very good.

3. Anil Kapoor Hair Style –

This hairstyle is done during Anil Kapoor next movie in which he looks very good.

4. Tere Naam Hairstyle –

Salman Khan, who loves this hairstyle, is very much liked by the film during Tere Naam.

Top 10 new hairstyle for boys

5. Haider hairstyle –

This hairstyle of Shahid Kapoor is in the 2014 movie Haider. Shahid Kapoor’s hair is very small in this hair style.

6. Bodyguard Hairstyle-

This hairstyle is from Salman Khan’s Bodyguard. Salman Khan’s bodyguard movie was liked by people watching their hair style.

7. Hrithik Roshan Hairstyle-

Indian superhero Hrithik Roshan is also known for his hair style.

8. Honey Singh hairstyle –

Honey Singh is known for his hair style and songs raping

9. Ranveer Singh Hairstyle-

This hair style of Macho Man Ranvir Singh is very different from his fashion. Ranvir Singh also knows as a hero in Bollywood. Because Ranveer Singh is in the limelight for the day he came up with his hairstyle and dressing senses.

10. Ranveer Kapoor Hairstyle-

Ranveer Kapoor, the best-known Bollywood hero, loves this hairstyle girls. he is lover boy.

11. Imran Khan Hairstyle –

Imran Khan looks very good in this new style.

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