The simplest way to stop hair fall

Everyone is troubled by the hair falling down, but the simplest way of hair fall in Ayurveda has been told. Actually hair falls when there is a shortage of vitamin C and copper in the body, but if you meet the lack of copper in the body Let your hair fall off, so let us tell you the simplest way to stop hair moving.

If you are troubled by your falling hair, then you have to do one thing only to buy a bottle or a vessel that is copper ie that of bronze and keep water in that vessel at night and when you wake up in the morning The water kept in the vessel is also empty stomach in the morning and you have to do it every day. read more- Top 5 new hairstyle for boys

When you drink water kept in this vessel, some parts of copper get in the water, due to which it increases the amount of copper it gets in your body and your hair loss decreases and there are many such diseases too. Which is mentioned in Ayurveda which ends with drinking water kept in this vessel, and if you are troubled by falling hair, you should start drinking this water from today.