A hairstylist is a person who can completely transform our looks by just playing with our hair.

India is a country where a good lot of talented hairstylists made their mark and gained fame on international grounds as well.


  1. Dilshad Pastakia –
    Sharukh Khan’s new hairstylist and the one who challenges that no one else is allowed to touch Sharukh’s hair is Dilshad Pastakia.Dilshad Pastakia is a well-known hair designer in the Mumbai Bollywood industry. She began her working as a hairdo when she was just 15 years old. Then, she moved to the UK to study further in the field of hair. Later, she started working in her mother’s parlor.

2. Savio Pereira-

3. Aalim Hakim –
Aalim Hakim is another famous Indian hairstylist who has gained fame and made his stand in the film and fashion industry with his imagination and creative work.

4. Ambika Pillai –
Ambika Pillai is a hairstylist and makeup artist in the fashion industry from Kollam,Kerala, India. Her work regularly appears in advertising campaigns, catwalk shows, fashion films, and editorials

5. Adhuna Bhabani –
Adhuna Bhabani , ex wife of the famous actor, director, singer, Farhan Akhtar, is a very famous Indian hairstylist.She started gaining interest in hairstyling at a very young age when she used to accompany her mother to the salon.

6. Vikas Marwah –
He started his first salon at Lokhandwala which is the best hair cutting salon in Mumbai and plans on opening others over the next 3 years. At his lively and welcoming salon, he maintains the highest standards and provides extensive client consulting. 

7. Jawed Habib Akter –
Jawed Habib Akter belongs to a family of professional hairstylists. He is one hairstylist who has taken his family profession to a different level altogether.
Jawed completed his studies in French Literature in Delhi and then opted to study abroad.

8. Sapna Bhavnani –
One of the most renowned hairstylists the fashion world has is Sapna Bhavnani.
Sapna has styled the celebrities from almost every sphere, be it movies, sports, politics or business.Some of her famous client list includes Hrithik Roshan, virat kohli, Priyanka Chopra, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Gauri Khan, Siddharth Mallya, Mandira Bedi and many more

9. Purshottam Hans –
Purshottam Hans is the most sought-after best hair stylist in India in the film fraternity.

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